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About Us
Remove Environmental Concerns from the Real Estate Transaction

Welcome to our series of light, fast and image-rich, videos on the removal of environmental-risk concerns from transactions with commercial and industrial properties, and even residences. In many cases, understanding of the risks could have saved transactions that should not have fallen through but did.

It’s an old saying, “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know,” advising that solutions to problems can be found through close examination of the components of the problems.

The videos are three-minute long, entertaining, and can save a multi-million-dollar transaction.

The credentials of the author include over five decades of experience in the environmental field and other related fields.

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#03 - Issued July 15 2018 Hazardous Vapor Migration in Sewers
#02 - Issued July 3 2018 Hazardous Vapor Intrusion Risks
#01 - Issued June 23 2018 Introduction
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